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Our Change Maker NISHA


Nisha had dropped out of school after class 5, and was married off at the age of 9. She wanted to study but her family did not approve of it. In 2014, during a meeting at her village, EGG learned that no girls in that village go to school beyond class 5, and are married off as children. It was further learned that elders in the community fix marriages of children without even informing the families. Nisha was then enrolled into class 6 after counselling of her parents. After all these years, not only is Nisha continuing to go to school, but she is very active in encouraging enrolment of girls into her school. She has broken free from her marriage that was forced on her as a child, and wants to prevent child marriages in her community. Nisha's life has changed in a positive way and she is bringing about change in the lives of other out of school children in her village by teaching them for free.

Nisha says that there is no earning member in her family and she cleans people's homes to support her family. She is leading a life full of struggles. Recently her father passed away and that has worsened her family situation. But she says that she will not quit her studies and will reach a certain position in life. She also wants to tell her community that it is very important to educate girls. She says that very young girls are married off in her community and they are deprived of education. She wishes to be a role model to her community.

Nisha is in 12th grade and is studying Hindi, Political Science, Home Science, Sanskrit, and Art. Nisha provides free tuition to children in her village, and distributed free notebooks to 10 children. Nisha says that child marriage is a problem in her community and she is against it. She feels that due to the prevalence of child marriage, girls are not able to pursue their studies, and Nisha wants to end this practice with the help of others in society. She shares that she was married off as a child and when she realized the importance of education due to EGG intervention, she broke off her marriage. Nisha passed her 10th grade in first division and continued with her studies. She aspires to become a teacher in her life.