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Our Change Maker Noor


Noor provides free of cost tutoring to poor children in her community and teaches stitching to children free of cost as well. She is also working to enhance awareness levels of people in her community on COVID and ways of preventing it. Noor stitched masks last year and distributed them as well as part of EGG's mask campaign. Noor is a student of B.A. 1st year and her subjects are English, Sociology, Hindi, and Political Science.

Noor's father sells fruit juice on the streets. Noor's family's financial situation is not good and Noor says that they are hand to mouth. Whatever is earned during the day is used for sustenance. Sometimes her father is not able to go to work due to various reasons like bad weather, making it tough to carry out family expenses.

When Noor was in 9th grade, she was appointed Discipline Minister. Since then she is associated with EGG and she receives EGG fellowship. Noor says that she has been able to continue her studies because of the fellowship. Had she not been receiving this fellowship, it would be very tough for her to afford school fees etc. Noor wants to join the Police service once she grows up. She shares that she wishes to continue her studies and is the only girl in her neighborhood who wishes to study.