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In India, girls
average less than
4 years of education
in a lifetime.

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Mission: Transform the lives of girls
by reforming government schools

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EGG’s vision is to effect
large scale and measurable
social change throughout
the developing world.


Educate Girls Globally (EGG) has developed an award-winning strategy for working with governments and empowering poor, rural communities to promote education for girls in government schools.


Leveraging off current government investments in education,the model works at uniquely high scales and low costs even in the most traditional and tribal communities, promoting change from passive fatalism to entrepreneurial cultures.


The model is so powerful that governments are starting to pay for it.

“Many governments and NGOs want to mobilize communities to help with education. EGG has found one way that works.”

Barbara Herz, Author “What Works in Girls’ Education,” 
Founder and former head of the World Bank’s Women in Development Division


“Education will help me escape this daily struggle to get by,” Seetha says. But a year ago the financial condition of the family made it seem impossible. “My parents and siblings all had to work to earn money. I stayed at home to cook, fetch water, graze the cattle etc. while all other children went to to school…

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“Everything changed when I joined the Bal Sabha” Renuka says. “Now I have better self esteem, I have greater respect for others and I am motivated to be a better and more active citizen”. Renuka’s new confidence is benefiting her entire school…

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By the time she was 13, her parents had planned to get her married. “Without education, I knew my life would be just like my mother’s,” she says. With EGG’s support, Dimple can now pursue the bigger dreams she has for her future…

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“Investment in girls’ education may well be the highest return investment available in the developing world.”

– Lawrence H. Summers, Former Chief Economist, World Bank, and US Treasury Secretary


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